Saddle Bound Overrun from Perfect Bound

When printing a perfect bound publication that contains a special section, it is often desirable to produce a saddle bound overrun of that section with the same printing plates that produced the perfect bound style.

To accomplish this, slight modifications to the layout must be made in order to generate a page that will work properly for both styles. These modifications include, an oversized document trim size that is 0.125″ larger than the perfect bound equivalent, a larger gutter margin and three-sided bleed margins. The larger margin at the gutter or fold, represents the area that is lost during the perfect binding process. 

The example below shows the document setup screen for an 8.125″ x 10.875″ perfect bound publication. The special overrun section would be created to a page size of 8.25″ x 10.875″. Notice the setup uses standard three-sided bleed with an inside margin that has been increased to 0.5″. This 0.5″ margin represents the area of the layout that is either lost or not visible in the finished perfect bound product.

Utilizing this design technique will enable the designer to see precisely what the finished product will look like during page creation and make any adjustments needed for the most esthetically pleasing final result.

Please inform your sales or customer service representative if you intend to include a saddle bound overrun component in your next perfect bound publication project.