Printing a Flip Book

A ‘Flip Book’ is a single volume in which two sections are bound together with one section rotated 180° relative to the other. Volumes bound this way have no back cover, but instead, have two front covers that share a single spine. When a reader reaches the end of one section (Section_1), the next page is the upside-down final page of the other (Section_2).

1. When submitting a “Job Request,” specify the total number of pages for each section (including covers).

2. Design each section in a separate document, both will be right reading with no rotations done at the design stage. The example below shows two sixteen page sections that will form a 32 page Flip Book.

3. Export each section as single page PDF named for the Section and Page that it represents.

4. Review pages as usual using Preview and Smart Review.

5. During the Page Verification step, two page sets will be created; Section_1 and Section_2.

6. The pages in Section_2 will be rotated in the final stages of Prepress Production. The example below represents one view of the final product.