PDF EXPORT- Adobe InDesign 14-plus (Saddle Bound)

Adobe InDesign 14 (CC2019) and higher supports

• Use the link here to obtain the PDF Export Settings File for your version of InDesign.

• Follow the guidelines in this document to load the settings into InDesign.

IMPORTANT: Verify your InDesign Document Setup matches the guidelines here BEFORE exporting pages.

Once your Document Setup is confirmed, you are ready to Export your saddle-bound publication to PDF….

1. In InDesign, choose… File/Adobe PDF Presets/Cummings…

2. In the Save As dialog box, enter a two or three digit upper case alphabetic code (to specifically identify your publication) and save the PDF pages to your desktop (InDesign will automatically make a folder named ABC to contain the single pages)…

3. Finish the Export process by selecting All Pages.

4. Verify file names… InDesign automatically names the files to match the section numbering in the document.

(Note: File naming results in a double-underscore for C1 and C2 to sort to the top of the file list. Also, C3 and C4 are numbered numerically at the end of the text pages).