Adobe InDesign 14 (CC2019) and higher supports

• Use the link here to obtain the PDF Export Settings File for your version of InDesign.

• Follow the guidelines in this document to load the settings into InDesign.

IMPORTANT: Verify your InDesign Document Setup matches the guidelines here BEFORE exporting pages.

Once your Document Setup is confirmed, you are ready to Export your saddle-bound publication to PDF . . . .

1. In InDesign, choose . . . File/Adobe PDF Presets/Cummings . . .

2. In the Save As dialog box, enter a two or three digit upper case alphabetic code (to specifically identify your publication) and save the PDF pages to your desktop (InDesign will automatically make a folder named ABC to contain the single pages) . . .

3. Finish the Export process by selecting All Pages.

4. Verify file names . . . InDesign automatically names the files to match the section numbering in the document.

(Note: File naming results in a double-underscore for C1 and C2 to sort to the top of the file list. Also, C3 and C4 are numbered numerically at the end of the text pages).