Modern Desktop Publishing


(CS5, CS4, CS3, QXD8, QXD7)

(Requires specific file naming and Cummings export settings)


Modern Desktop Publishing

Applications… plus

*Older Applications (PM7, QXD6, etc.)

  • Full Automation (auto-processing of pages)
  • Auto Page Assignment
  • Preflight Manager
  • 24/7 – Full Access to System
  • Trim Size Detection
  • Correction Pages – Auto (auto-overwrite, no charge)
  • Compare Feature (saves replaced page for comparison)
  • No Automation (manual-processing of pages)
  • Preflight Manager
  • 24/7 – Limited Access to System
  • Trim Size Detection – Limitations
  • Correction Pages – Manual (operator required to replace, billed as AA’s)
  • Compare Feature – Not Available


The outline above compares InSite options available based on the type of PDF being provided. Please use this outline to help determine the appropriate workflow for your publication. If a full automated workflow is desired, please ensure your layout application meets the MINIMUM requirements noted above.

* Single page PDF files can easily be created from modern desktop publishing applications, however, older applications may experience challenges or limitations in creating the proper PDF.


Click here to read Tech Note 102.