Insite Annotations

PrePress Staff  Annotations

In InSite, annotations created during page verification will show on the page as a small green circle with a “T” inside. Clicking on the annotation on the page will highlight the details in the ANNOTATIONS tab on the right.

Additionally, hovering over the annotation on the page will also show the details of the annotation.

 Approver  Annotations

Annotations can also be used by the page APPROVER to communicate known page issues. This will prevent prepress staff from alerting you to a situation you are already aware of.  To add an annotation, choose the “T” (Text Tool) in the tools section and click on the page to add your message. You can also  right-click on the page and use one of our predefined stamps as in the example below.

The example above shows confirmation of the use of low resolution images on a cover, which, will always be flagged back to you during our page verification process, unless you indicate to us that you are aware of this using the method above.

Note: It is a good idea to set your default annotation color to RED to help ensure your annotations are not missed.