Illustrator Document to PDF

1. Make the document to the final trim size of your magazine and a color mode of CMYK.


2. Before building your document, you should place guides at least 1/8″ inside of trim and 1/8″ outside of trim. Keep all live elements within the inside guides unless the item is supposed to bleed. If bleed is needed, extend the item to the guide outside of trim. Saddle bound publications may need to be adjusted for creep. Please reference Tech Note 01, available on the Cummings website for more information regarding creep.


3. To make a hi-res PDF from Illustrator, select File/Adobe PDF Preset. Import the CummingsCS5_v3.0 Job options.



4. With the document open, select File/Save As. In the format drop down list choose Adobe PDF.



5. In the Adobe PDF Preset drop down list, Choose the CummingsCS5_v3.0 preset you loaded and choose save PDF. You now have a print ready PDF. If you do not have the Cummings Job Options, download them here.