File Naming

Standardized file naming is a key crucial step to error free print production. The following file naming should be used for all standard publication projects.

  1. Utilize a two or three digit alphabetic (upper case) identifier for your publication.
  2. Always name the first two pages as __C1.pdf,  __C2.pdf (front cover and inside front cover, note: double underscore).
  3. Always name the remaining pages to match the printed page number (note: two digits for 01-99 and three digits for 100+).
  4. Always name the last two pages (inside back cover and back cover) using a numerical expression, just like the text pages referenced above in step 3.
  5. For correction pages, utilize the same method outlined above to ensure the file name matches EXACTLY to the original. This will ensure the replacement will overwrite the previous page and allow the use of the Compare feature in Smart Review.
  6. For file naming specific to the latest versions of Adobe InDesign, click here.