Document Setup (Saddle-Bound)

Creating a Saddle-Bound Publication at the proper trim size, with the correct margins and  bleed starts in the Document Setup dialog box.

Follow the outline below to complete the Saddle-Bound document setup process prior to exporting pages to PDF. Click here for Perfect-Bound.

1. Create a new document or modify:

Select File/New/Document or File/Document Setup … enter or modify the total number of pages (including covers)… select facing pages… enter trim width and height… set Margins appropriate for your particular publication (0.125″ minimum for saddle bound)… set Bleed at 0.125″ on three sides only (no gutter bleed required).

Note: The 68 pages in the example below represents 64 text pages, plus 4 cover pages. See TechNote 016 for additional information regarding file naming.

2. Pages dialog box…

Open the Pages dialog box by selecting  Window/Pages… select page 1, right-click and choose Numbering & Section Options…

3. Create a cover section…

start page numbering at 1 with a Section Prefix of _C… this will change all the pages to be _C1, _C2, etc.


4. Create a text section…

In the Pages dialog box… select page _C3, right-click and choose Numbering & Section Options… start page numbering with NO Section Prefix… this will change all pages after _C2 to reflect the actual printed page number… in the example below, the first numbered page is 1… this could also and is typically 3 in many publications.

Note: If the numbering sequence of your publication differs from the example provided, enter your specific number in place of  the number 1.


5. The final result should look like this… (PRESUMING THE FIRST PRINTED PAGE NUMBER IS 1)

6. Proceed to Tech Note 131 here for instructions on the EXPORT TO PDF process.