Perfect bound publications are created by stacking signatures, therefore outer margins are not effected as in saddle binding. A .125″ safety margin for live matter should be maintained for all binding styles. When using crossovers in your perfect bound design, images and headlines need to be adjusted to compensate for the fact that a perfect bound magazine doesn’t lay flat when opened. This causes elements in the gutter to become lost within the center margin of the publication. Images should be duplicated and shifted left and right, while headlines need to be spread apart for a pleasing final appearance. The exact amount of adjustment is dependent on many factors; i.e., number of signatures, weight of paper, etc. Contact your CSR or  for help in determining the proper adjustment for your publication.

Tech Note 002: Designing Perfect Bound Pages


Crossovers between cover two and the first text page, or cover three and the last text page, require an allowance to compensate for the hinge score of the cover. For instructions on this and how to build perfect bound covers, please read Tech Note 006.