Barn Door covers

A Barn Door Cover consists of two components that when bound together, create a split front cover that opens at the center to reveal a three-panel inner AD Spread (illustration below).



If you would like to utilize this type of cover in your publication, contact your sales or customer service representative with specific information on your project and our technical support group will follow-up with a customized InDesign Template for you to use for creating the correct sized Barn Door Ad.

The following chart contains common trim widths and subsequent panel sizes that can be used as a guideline for preparing your Barn Door Ad. (We highly recommend utilizing our customized InDesign Template that includes the use of a dieline layer to indicate folds, please use the chart below as reference only and wait for your specific template to be delivered via e-mail).

Please contact technical support for Barn Door guidelines. 


The Cummings Technical Support Team