Tom Kaled portrait

Tom Kaled

Mailing Service Specialist

1 (800) 647-0035

I began working for the Cummings Family in March of 1979, starting as a folder operator in the bindery and then to a helper on a 4 color press. After than I was back to the bindery, running all binders as well as various machinery. I became Asst. Foreperson in the bindery, then moved on to focus more on mailing, running our first poly bagger and learning sortation and postal regulations especially Periodicals.

Beginning in 2000 I assisted in leading Cummings Printing into a new world of Co-palletization, Drop Ship and Co-Mail as well as working with the USPS to become a Full Service Mailer. These efforts earned our company the Corporate Business Achievement Award at the 2009 US Postal Forum in Washington DC. and personally an Employee of the Year Award here at Cummings.

It has gone by so fast, I have always enjoyed guiding our publishers through the murky waters of the ever changing USPS landscape and postal regulations as well as using my knowledge of our processes to benefit our clients in planning their projects.

If I were to advise our new incoming employees I would tell them what Mr. Cummings told me back in 1980, “Learn everything you can, turn no opportunity down”!