Sam Cummings

Chief Executive Officer

1 800-647-0035

I started working at Cummings Printing in 2009 at 16 years old in the shipping department, boxing up magazines and building “character” as my Dad put it. Eventually moving my way up to the bindery department.

I later attended the University of Georgia, where I received my bachelor’s degree in business finance and a love of Georgia football. After graduating UGA in 2016, I lived in Atlanta for 2 years.

Eventually the southern heat drove me back home to New Hampshire where I rejoined the family business, spending months learning all of the various stages of production and administration. My personal favorite was learning how to operate our monstrous Komori 38D 4 color press. I made my way to sales where I now pester publishers with my terrible jokes! I also help streamline our production, billing and accounting processes throughout the company and revamp our in-house software platform.

When I’m not at Cummings Printing you can find me at the gym, cooking, playing softball or hiking. During my time in Georgia, my love of Boston sports never faltered, it may have gotten me into trouble once or twice, but that’s just true fandom!  I also have the privilege to be a part of the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

I’m so fortunate to have such a tremendously hard working and caring staff here at Cummings and I look forward to the bright future ahead of us.