Dave Gregoire portrait

Dave Gregoire

Customer Service Representative

1 (800) 647-0035

I am the oldest of three boys born and raised in Manchester NH. I come from a family of teachers, but did not have the patience to follow that career path. I went to school locally and then spent three years at Keene State College. While I didn’t graduate, I made a lot of good friends and helped employ hundreds at the local Anheuser Busch brewery. After leaving Keene and returning to Manchester, I worked at a foundry for a couple of years. Around that time I moved to Phoenix AZ where I ended up selling Kirby vacuums door to door for almost three years. I eventually became tired of the inconsistent pay and the grief of going door to door, I was also homesick, so I moved back to NH. After being back in Manchester for a month or so, in September 1998, I took a temp job that sent me to Cummings for some piece work. Coincidentally, the production manager was related to me by marriage, and he told me that they were hiring in the shipping department. After spending about a year and half in shipping, my true talents shown and they moved me to customer service where I have been since except for a brief stint in prepress. I enjoy working here and my coworkers are great.

I live in Manchester with my girlfriend and our cat. When I am not working I prefer to be golfing, actually even when I am working I’d rather be golfing! I also enjoying going to concerts and socializing with friends and family, and traveling to new places.