Periodical Ride Alongs

What Is A Ride-Along?

Ride-Along are separate mailing pieces, NOT attached to a publication, that mail with a periodical publication exclusively. They can be booklets, cards, single sheets, CDs, etc. If the piece is not attached to the publication with a full line of glue, then it is considered a Ride-Along.

A Ride-Along must weigh UNDER 3.3 oz. If your Ride-Along weighs more than 3.3 oz, then it would have to mail as a Standard A Enclosure. But, if your publication weighs less than 3.3 oz, then your Ride-Along cannot exceed the weight of the magazine. For example, you cannot have a publication that weighs 2.9 oz, and a Ride-Along that weighs 3.3 oz.

If your periodical publication has only ONE additional mailing piece weighing under 3.3 oz, it will qualify as a Ride-Along. As soon as you start adding more pieces, then it is best to send all pieces as Standard A enclosures.

When you have a ride along, it MUST be indicated in one of the following places:

Your Mailing Label
The Statement of Ownership

It must read:

The current postage cost for Ride-Alongs: $.165 each

This charge is for DOMESTIC MAILING ONLY
Foreign postage is more expensive. Please contact your CSR for more information.