In addition to checks, Cummings accepts a variety of payments methods including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, wire transfers, E-Check* and ACH direct deposit. Below are the appropriate forms for each method.

Wire Transfers

Please contact your CSR, Brittany MacDonald (8oo) 647-0035 Ext. 255), or Ashley Chub (800-647-0035 Ext. 253) for more information on how to wire funds.


*Clients may fill out (and sign) the form, fax a copy of the check that is completely filled out (and VOID for their records), or they may call Jessica Jenkins (x204) with all of the information and she will record the conversation.

Credit Application

For new clients, please download our credit application. You can email or fax it back to your sales representative or to our Credit Department.

Contact your CSR, sales representative, Brittany MacDonald (800-647-0035 Ext. 255), or Ashley Chub (800-647-0035 Ext. 253) with any questions.