How do I determine the spine size when designing a perfect bound magazine cover?

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Before opening an RGB image in Photoshop, synchronize color settings for all Creative Suite applications using Adobe Bridge. This synchronization ensures that colors look the same in all Adobe Creative Suite applications. You can visit the link below for more information, and our catalog printing experts at Cummings Printing are always available for questions.
Our experienced publication printers have a step-by-step guide on our website on how to convert your colors here:

Perfect-bound publications are bound by stacking text signatures and then wrapping and gluing a cover around the text; this results in a flat spine. The nature of this style of binding is that the publication doesn’t lay flat when opened. Two important design considerations should be made to obtain optimal results in the finished product:

  1. Gutter Margin: Increase the gutter margin to accommodate the fact that the innermost portion of the page is lost visually (approximately 0.125” of each page will be lost, according to our team). This adjustment will keep inner and outer text column margins consistent and produce the best result.
  2. Crossovers: Page elements from one page that continue to the facing page across the gutter should be spread apart to compensate for the visual loss referenced in step one above. Examples of adjustments that could be used are duplicating photos and shifting left-and-right, or spreading headline text apart with spaces. Note that the inside front and the inside back cover to first and last text page crossovers would utilize the same adjustment as text pages. However, we estimate that the adjustment value would be based on 0.1875”, which represents the side-glue/hinge-score area of the cover.

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Our publication printers can help! Please visit our website for the proper instructions on how to set up saddle bound pages:

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Our magazine printing professionals will tell you that creating the proper type of PDF is a crucial element in having your document print correctly! Follow the steps on this page to install the recommended Cummings PDF Presets for InDesign or Quark:

A properly created print-ready PDF file should include a trim box definition within the document structure. Some methods of PDF creation do not include this important element. To add the proper trim box definition to an existing PDF file, follow the instructions outlined by our publication printers below:
  1. Open PDF in Acrobat
  2. Select Document / Crop Pages
  3. Change crop box to trim box
  4. Add the necessary trim to all sides, which depends on how large the bounding box is
  5. Click OK and save the file
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According to Statista, the number of readers in the print newspaper and magazine market is expected to amount to 35.3 million users in 2029? With the market expected to soar, magazines must be designed accurately.

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