As mentioned previously Cummings Printing remains operational. Our production group continues on a normal schedule. Likewise, the USPS, UPS, Fed Ex and our many trucking partners continue to operate as usual. That said our sales, customer service and administrative teams have had to make adjustments.

Administrative personnel are being rotated. This includes reception, accounts receivable & accounts payable.

Sale people are now working from home. You can reach them on their cell phones or you can be transferred to their cell phone through the main phone number (800-647-0035). There will continue to be someone answering the main phone number.

Customer service representatives are now working in teams to minimize the number of people working in the office at one time.

These are the teams:

  • Sue Orr & Sonia Courcy
  • Don Buckwell & Andrea Hecker
  • Dave Gregoire & Kathy MacDonald

For example, Sue & Sonia will be covering each other’s accounts. If Sue is working the office, Sonia would be at home. This will be the same for all the teams. You can continue to ask for your CSR and you will be transferred to their partner if they are not in the office that day. Emails will continue to be monitored whether CSRs are in the office or not.

Cummings is committed to maintaining our same level of service while making sure our employees and their families are safe during this difficult time. Rest assured, we will get through this together. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.