Production Procedures


Cleaning during COVID-19

All work areas are cleaned constantly during the day and a crew cleans the entire building every night.


Wearing masks during COVID-19

All employees working in the plant wear protective face masks.


Plant automation
Automation 2

Automation used in our print manufacturing process limits the amount of human contact we have with the product. Operators wear gloves and the press pulls used to monitor color are discarded. Folded forms from our web presses are gathered and stacked through automation.

The bindery/mailing process is fully automated with all text forms fed into our binders through the use of stream feeders thereby eliminating human contact. When the publications deliver from our binders they may be wrapped or strapped through in-line devices without any human interaction. The wrapped/strapped publications are then loaded on a skid by one worker with gloves. After the magazines are packed on skids they are wrapped in shrink-wrap completely. If the publications do need to be handled, the employee wears both a mask and gloves.