Upper Management

Jack Cummings

I have been a printer since the age of 16, (1977) when I began my career at Cummings Printing in the Bindery. From there I worked my way through the Press room, Layup department, Typesetting department, Customer Service, Sales and in 1989 I became President.

Since then I have guided the company through many changes from sheet-fed to half-web to 16 page and now 32 page web presses. From hot lead typesetting to paper tape, electronic typesetting, film stripping to completely digital image setting.

To accommodate these improvements we left our 33,000 square foot facility in Manchester for a newly constructed 65,000 sq. ft. building in Hooksett, NH, and today we operate under approximately 100,000 sq. ft.

While I built Cummings Printing my personal life grew as well. I got married and raised two wonderful sons. I’ve continued to be a sports fanatic. I follow the Boston pro teams and the local college and high school teams very closely, I even play in a men’s basketball and softball league. My greatest passion however, is fishing. If I’m not in the office there is a high probability that I am near an ocean, lake or stream!

It’s been a great ride so far, both personally and professionally, and I’m looking forward to the future.

Sam Cummings

I started working at Cummings Printing in 2009 at 16 years old in the shipping department, boxing up magazines and building “character” as my Dad put it. Eventually moving my way up to the bindery department.

I later attended the University of Georgia, where I received my bachelor’s degree in business finance and a love of Georgia football. After graduating UGA in 2016, I lived in Atlanta for 2 years.

Eventually the southern heat drove me back home to New Hampshire where I rejoined the family business, spending months learning all of the various stages of production and administration. My personal favorite was learning how to operate our monstrous Komori 38D 4 color press. I made my way to sales where I now pester publishers with my terrible jokes! I also help streamline our production, billing and accounting processes throughout the company and revamp our in-house software platform.

When I’m not at Cummings Printing you can find me at the gym, cooking, playing softball or hiking. During my time in Georgia, my love of Boston sports never faltered, it may have gotten me into trouble once or twice, but that’s just true fandom! I also have the privilege to be a part of the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

I’m so fortunate to have such a tremendously hard working and caring staff here at Cummings and I look forward to the bright future ahead of us.

Chris Cummings

I began my career at Cummings Printing in May 2013 when I was just 16 years old, however, I have always been around the plant with my father. My first job was in the mailing department and the bindery, trying to take in as much as possible.

After graduating from High school, I attended the University of Florida, graduating with a major in Business Management and a minor in Real estate, and received Cum Laude Honors.

I then returned to NH and began a year-long training process at Cummings Printing, working in every department from the press room, shipping, estimating and invoicing, and eventually landing in Sales. Spending time in each department really helped me to grasp an understanding of everything that goes into the printing process.

In my spare time, I like to stay active and you will probably find me at the gym, by a body of water, or playing any kind of sport involving a ball! However, in football season, you will find me glued to my couch rooting for the Florida Gators to win, and the Georgia Bulldogs to lose!!

Having my last name, I take extreme pride in this company, our staff of dedicated and hard-working employees as well as in creating the best quality magazines out there.

Mark Hamel

I have been employed at Cummings Printing since April 1986. My journey began in the Layup Department, and after a short time I moved into Sales and then Sales Manager. In May 2005 I became Chief Operating Officer/VP.

I grew up in upstate New York, the youngest of seven siblings. I moved to NH in 1984 where I met my wife Holly. We have been married since 1986 and have two wonderful successful children; our daughter, Jessica, is a ELL Teacher in Maine and our son, Jacob who I am proud to say has been part of the Cummings Family since 2010.

In my spare time, I enjoy golfing, refereeing high school basketball, watching our two grand dogs (Josie & Polly) and spending time at our beach house on the coast of Maine.

Karl Stone

I have been the Controller for the Company since January 2015 coming to the Company with over 35 years of accounting and finance experience in both public accounting and within the private sector.
I am a lifelong resident of Manchester NH, have been married for 42 years, have two wonderful children and their spouses, and four awesome grandchildren.

While off the clock I enjoy a few cold ones , a nice cigar, and watching and rooting for all the Boston sports teams.

Sales and Estimating

John Foss

I’ve been at Cummings Printing since 1990, three years after graduating from the University of New Hampshire. After a successful sales career I was fortunate enough to be promoted to Sales Manager where I oversee a group of representatives that are second to none. I feel proud to be working for a company like Cummings Printing, one that values its relationships both with clients and its employees. The last two decades has seen a number of challenges in our industry but through it all Cummings has maintained the same philosophy we had when we started in 1914, which is to treat our clients like the partners they truly are.

On a personal level, I’ve been married to my wife Elizabeth since 1990. We feel very lucky to be blessed with three wonderful adult children plus a couple of dogs, a cat and a turtle that will seemingly live forever. Outside of work I enjoy live music, movies, playing golf and trying to stay in shape, which isn’t easy.

Thanks for taking time to visit our website. Your comments or suggestions are always welcome.

Barry Fitzgerald

I was born in Limerick, Ireland where I received an Associates Degree in Business with Computer Applications from the Limerick Institute of Technology. Soon after, I came to the United States on a soccer scholarship to study at Notre Dame College (NH).

After earning my degree in 2002, I was hired as a salesperson here at Cummings Printing. I currently make my home in Manchester, NH. I spend my spare time with my family and especially our dog, Bubbs. My interests include running, skiing & playing bad golf. In 2017 I proudly became an American citizen although I still enjoy going back to my homeland whenever possible.

Mark Nakos

Welcome to Cummings Printing Company!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site and learn more about how Cummings Printing Company can make the production and distribution processes of your magazine, or catalog, more efficient and economical. All of us here at Cummings Printing Company, from our receptionist Betty Jo through to our mailing and shipping departments, are dedicated to providing the best in product, and service, delivered on time and within budget.

I’m a native New Englander enjoying all the outdoor activities and benefits living in southern New Hampshire offers. Summers on the coastline; hiking, biking, and running local trails; and, downhill skiing the many resorts located within an hour’s drive of Hooksett, NH. All within 50 miles of Boston, MA, too.

Please submit your project specifications and start to put the capabilities of Cummings Printing Company to work for you!

Jake Hamel

I officially began my career at Cummings Printing in June of 2011 when I was 16 years old, but since I was born I have always been around the plant with my father who is currently the VP/COO. I started in the Bindery and occasionally was in the pressroom/shipping departments.

After graduating High School, I attended Saint Anselm’s College where I graduated with a major in Mathematics in 2016. After graduating, I began a yearlong training process to learn every area of production. I started on the floor with the bindery, to the press room, to prepress and purchasing then upstairs to estimating, billing, customer service and finally sales. Putting in time with all these departments really helped me gain a better understanding of everything that goes into the printing of a magazine which has assisted me greatly as an Account Executive.

When I am not at work, I enjoy adventures with my wife and dog and anytime spent at the beach! Also, rooting for any and all New England Sport teams.

Bryan Bullock

I’ve been in the publication printing industry since 1989, joining the amazing team here at Cummings Printing in August of 2020. While much has changed over the years, the importance of being able to produce a high-quality product while providing excellent customer service still remains at – or near – the top of every print buyers list. At Cummings Printing, the primary focus of the entire organization is your complete and total satisfaction with any job produced, regardless of size. While other companies focus on bottom line, we focus on you.

Personally, and when I’m not taking great care of a valued client or looking for new opportunities, every minute of my spare time is spent with my beautiful wife (since 1991) and -when we see them- our three wonderful kids.

Cynthia Tebbetts

I have been employed at Cummings for over thirty-six years. Within this time I learned the trade by working in the old layup and proofing departments which eventually led to me graduating into the sales department for a few years. Due to my love of working with numbers and an increase in outside travel commitments an in house estimating position was created. This helped relieve the sales department of their quoting demands and this is where I have spent over two decades for the company.

Most people associate me with the Beatles and being a devout Beatlemaniac, collecting all things Beatles related as well as most rock records and compact discs. I love most sports but being a hockey fan is my biggest passion, I especially love to watch the Boston Bruins and the St. Louis Blues as well as Syracuse Orange basketball.

In the nice weather I spends her weekends travelling all over the north east, as I am the race director for NEMA Midgets (a type of open wheel race car)

I live in Goffstown, NH and am happily single. I’m not the crazy cat lady yet, but it is a very likely in future

Customer Service

Sue Orr

In 1986 I began my career at Cummings Printing Company in the proofreading department. My previous employer was a small graphic design firm, and it was almost unbelievable to me that the employees had been here for so long, decades in fact. The staff is loyal and many stay with the company until retirement! (as I have!) After a brief time I realized why . . . . Cummings is a family run business that treats their employees and their clients like part of the family. In fact, there are many relatives employed here. We’re a close-knit bunch, and I’m extremely proud of the great staff of representatives in our Customer Service department. I believe that good customer service is one of the most important aspects of a successful business.

On a personal note, I am married, we have two grown sons and an awesome granddaughter. A few of my favorite things…. Summer time, music, movies, interior decorating, painting, the beach, and my very own favorite….spending time with family and friends.

Sonia Courcy

In 1998 I became part of the Cummings Printing Team. Back then, I drove to work in my 1985 Pontiac Grand Prix with Sound Garden and The Red Hot Chili Peppers on the radio. Almost twenty-seven years later, I’m still a happy employee at Cummings Printing. I’ve always worked in Customer Service… but my main reasons for coming to work here at Cummings every day has always been the same – I love the people I work with; I value producing a great product; and I absolutely enjoy my customers.

Throughout my career at Cummings, I have been paired with some of the most interesting and innovative people on the planet; I have built several long-term relationships with my customers and many of them have become my friends. There is no challenge that I won’t take on for my clients.

Outside of work, you’ll find me just generally being wicked cool (I’m originally from Massachusetts). I love music, nature, wine, art, and my cats Wolf & Wally. But above all, I enjoy experiencing all of these things with both my son and my daughter who are my best friends.
I’m looking forward to helping you with your next magazine.

Don Buckwell

After graduating from Marietta College in 1984 I moved to the great state of New Hampshire and began my printing career. Sixteen years later I was fortunate enough to be hired by Cummings Printing and have been here as a Customer Service Rep. ever since. It will be 24 years this June. I enjoy being part of the Cummings team that helps clients get their magazines finished on time and on budget every day. On a personal note I am married and have an awesome daughter.

In my spare time I enjoy trout fishing and occasionally hacking up a golf course. I also volunteer at Marietta College on the Alumni Council and at our local High School Music Club helping out at Fundraisers and Concerts. Thanks for visiting our website and please give me a call if you have any questions at all.

Dave Gregoire

I am the oldest of three boys born and raised in Manchester NH. I come from a family of teachers, but did not have the patience to follow that career path. I went to school locally and then spent three years at Keene State College. While I didn’t graduate, I made a lot of good friends and helped employ hundreds at the local Anheuser Busch brewery. After leaving Keene and returning to Manchester, I worked at a foundry for a couple of years. Around that time I moved to Phoenix AZ where I ended up selling Kirby vacuums door to door for almost three years. I eventually became tired of the inconsistent pay and the grief of going door to door, I was also homesick, so I moved back to NH. After being back in Manchester for a month or so, in September 1998, I took a temp job that sent me to Cummings for some piece work. Coincidentally, the production manager was related to me by marriage, and he told me that they were hiring in the shipping department. After spending about a year and half in shipping, my true talents shown and they moved me to customer service where I have been since except for a brief stint in prepress. I enjoy working here and my coworkers are great.

I live in Manchester with my girlfriend and our cat. When I am not working I prefer to be golfing, actually even when I am working I’d rather be golfing! I also enjoying going to concerts and socializing with friends and family, and traveling to new places.

Andrea Hecker

Hello and thank you for visiting our website! I graduated Southern New Hampshire University in 1995 and became part of the Cummings Printing family in 2005 – where I quickly learned there is never a dull moment in print! We pride ourselves in building strong partnerships with our clientele and alleviating some of the stress of publishing with our flexible scheduling.

When I’m not at work, I have a passion for Culinary Arts, exploring neighborhoods by foot and bringing my niece and nephew to the park so they can burn off some energy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us! Give your local sales rep a call to see how we can save you money and become part of the Cummings family.

Jake Castricone

I began my career at Cummings Printing the summer of 2010, prior to going to college. I continued to work here part time during my four years at the University Of New Hampshire. After graduating in 2014, I began full time at Cummings a week later. Spending time in the Bindery, Mailing, and Prepress departments has really shown me the professionalism and pride that goes into our work. Attention to detail from the start to the finish of every printed piece is what sets us apart. I could not be happier to work with such a great group of dedicated employees.

Personally, I have lived in New Hampshire my entire life. In my free time I enjoy golfing, rooting for New England sports teams, and spending time with family and friends.

Thank you for visiting our website!

Mary Miniutti

My name is Mary and I have worked as a Customer Service Representative for Cummings Printing for close to a year and counting. I hold two degrees – an Associates in Science Degree concentration in Social Work and Counseling from Champlain College as well as a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Human Services from Franklin Pierce University. I carry many years of Customer Services experience with my broad range of knowledge in the field. I’m here to assist with all the services we have to offer here at Cummings Printing.


Jeff Paquette

I’m a second generation printer who has spent the last 40 years working in prepress operations for both commercial sheetfed and headset web publication printing. In 1985 I earned a degree in Graphic Arts from NH Vocational Technical College and spent 15 years working in the commercial sheetfed market before joining Cummings in 1998. In addition to managing our prepress operation, for the past two years I have been co-managing our press room operation also. This new dual-management position has enabled us to further streamline our day-to-day process and better integrate the two departments.

When I’m not working, I enjoy traveling with my wife and participating in a variety of outdoor activities, such as kayaking, mountain biking and camping.

Joe Cadrette

I’ve been part of the Cummings team since 2002 starting as an Output Operator, I moved into the position of Prepress Technical Support in 2003. Starting out in the mailing and print industry as a production mechanic, I could see that computers were the future. I decided to get my design degree. After graduating, I started teaching at that same college for 3 years. As Prepress Technical Support, I love helping customers with design, PDF and production issues.

On a personal note, I’ve been married to my wife Shelby for 22 years, a father of two great boys and in my spare time, love creating music with my two rock bands as a drummer.

Shana Wing

I started working at Cummings Printing back in 2014, hired mainly for after hours tech support. The great thing about starting here on a mid-shift, was that I was able to bounce around and learn about all things Prepress related. Eventually, I transitioned to Page Production within the Prepress Department where I perform page verification on Customer’s PDFs to ensure we provide the best quality products for our Customers! I also have remained in the Tech Support network throughout my career here.

I graduated from Plymouth State University in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Psychological Statistics and Methods. Which has really allowed me to connect to our customers on a more personal level. Especially now that I have taken on a more integral role in the Cummings onboarding team as well.

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my son and my husband, cuddling up with my 2 dogs and 3 cats, road trips to the mountains or the beach, and spending as much with family and friends as possible!


Chris Philippy

Welcome, I am Chris Philippy, the Plant Manager, and I have been employed at Cummings Printing since 1984, but have been around the company since I was a boy. My father was the foreman of the old Typesetting Dept. and worked at Cummings for nearly 40 years. I would often accompany my father when he would come to “The Shop”. I have seen a great number of changes; lead type, paper tape, VIP’s, electronic prepress, and finally, CTP. Through it all, one thing has remained the same, Cummings’ commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Personally, I live in the lakes region of NH with my longtime girlfriend, Laurie and our dog and cat. We have just sent our daughter, Mackenzie off to Endicott College to study Interior Design. When there isn’t snow on the ground, I can usually be found on a golf course somewhere. During the winter months, I enjoy watching college basketball and the Boston Bruins. Thank you for visiting our site. Hopefully we can be your printer for your next project.

Jeff Baines

I began my career with Cummings Printing Company in 1992 as a press helper on second shift. From there, I advanced to several positions such as Head Pressman, Second Shift Plant Manager and currently Post Press Manager. Cummings Printing has grown rapidly during my time here but our commitment to the customer is still our number one priority. We continually try to improve our production and the quality of services that we extend to our customers. Cummings is known for low employee turnover which benefits our customers by having a knowledgeable and well trained staff. We look forward to exceeding the needs and the expectations of all our customers.

While at home I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love spending time on the water. My new hobby has been learning to paddle board during the summer months.

Thanks for visiting my BIO. If you have any question, please reach out.

Josh Pelletier

I began my printing career right out of high school in the fall of 1997. It was then that I also started working towards my degree in Graphic Arts at NH Community Technical College in Laconia where I focused on printing and print science.

My journey at Cummings Printing began in November of 2001. I started off as a press helper and quickly moved into a head pressman position on our Heidelberg sheetfed press. After my first 10 years with the company, which was spent in both the press room and as a machine operator in the bindery, I was promoted to be our Night Shift Plant Manager. After another 4 ½ years there, in the spring of 2016, I was chosen to take over the position of Quality Control Manager. With my experience in many areas of production, I feel I will be a strong addition to oversee our customers’ jobs as they travel through our plant and be sure that they all meet our strict demand for quality. We have a great staff here at Cummings. We all take pride in what we do and quality is always our first priority.

In my free time, I thoroughly enjoy the outdoors. In the winter months, I spend as much time as I can hiking, mountaineering and/or ice climbing, mostly in our great White Mountains. In the summer months, you can find me hiking those same mountains, fly fishing or mountain biking some of the fantastic single-track trails around New Hampshire and Vermont.

Tom Kaled

I began working for the Cummings Family in March of 1979, starting as a folder operator in the bindery and then to a helper on a 4 color press. After than I was back to the bindery, running all binders as well as various machinery. I became Asst. Foreperson in the bindery, then moved on to focus more on mailing, running our first poly bagger and learning sortation and postal regulations especially Periodicals.

Beginning in 2000 I assisted in leading Cummings Printing into a new world of Co-palletization, Drop Ship and Co-Mail as well as working with the USPS to become a Full Service Mailer. These efforts earned our company the Corporate Business Achievement Award at the 2009 US Postal Forum in Washington DC. and personally an Employee of the Year Award here at Cummings.

It has gone by so fast, I have always enjoyed guiding our publishers through the murky waters of the ever changing USPS landscape and postal regulations as well as using my knowledge of our processes to benefit our clients in planning their projects.

If I were to advise our new incoming employees I would tell them what Mr. Cummings told me back in 1980, “Learn everything you can, turn no opportunity down”!

Doug Montgomery

Thanks for visiting Cummings Printing’s website!

I joined the team at Cummings Printing in February of 2019. I started my career in print working on a web press on night shift while I attended college classes during the day. After graduating, with my BS in Physics and a minor in Mathematics from Millersville University, I moved into a Customer Service position with that particular printing company. Since then, I have worked in Estimating, Sales and Purchasing in a couple of commercial printing companies.

Joining Cummings Printing has been a great experience. Working with a great group of people who have lots of knowledge has been wonderful.

On a personal level, I enjoy spending my spare time with my wife Lisa working on our garden beds during the summer months and catching concerts where we can throughout the year.


Betty-Jo Green

Cummings Printing has been my second home for 18 years and have worked my way up from the bindery, to shipping, to the front reception desk. I love working for Cummings and enjoy talking with our customer and helping in any way I can.

I have been married for 20 years and have two beautiful daughters and I now have 6 grandchildren and my recent addition is Mollie our dog. I love spending time with my family (and my dog) and gardening around the house.

Office Administration

Brittany MacDonald

I have been with Cummings Printing Since 2018. I graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I started off in Accounts Payable and I was promoted to Accounts Receivable Manager in December 2021. Currently, I am training to become the Controller in 2025! I am grateful to be part of the Cummings Printing team. Not only are they a family run business, but they treat you as part of their family.

In my spare time I LOVE to travel. Hawaii is one of my favorite places that I have visited. My husband and I will be going back there soon! I also enjoy spending time with my husband and especially our German Shepherd, Kimber. You will most likely find me playing ball outside with her constantly. I am also a big football fan. Once a year I try to make it to a New England Patriots game.

Ashley Chub

I started at Cummings Printing in February of 2023 doing Accounts Payable. I guess you can say that I am still considered ‘new’ to the company since many of the employees have been in the Cummings family for over 10 years. When I started with the company, it felt like I was being welcomed into a huge family. I consider myself very lucky to not only love what I do, but to also enjoy coming into the office every day to interact and connect with the people I work with. It’s not something I ever experienced before while working for a company, and I am so glad I got to experience that here, at Cummings Printing. I look forward to being part of this crazy family for many years to come.

I recently graduated from Southern New Hampshire University in April of 2023 with my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Soon after graduating (soon as in, 6 days later), I got married to my wonderful husband Tom. We have a 4 year old French Bulldog, Tankerbelle, who you might see on the Cummings Printing Facebook page from time to time! Outside of work, I really enjoy spending time with family and friends making memories to last a lifetime.

Briana Aubert

Hello! Welcome, and thank you so much for visiting our Cummings Printing website!

I am Briana, and I’m pleased to have been a member of the Cummings Team since 2023! Long before joining the Cummings Printing Team, I graduated with High Honors from Southern New Hampshire University. I have had various long-term work engagements, ranging from being a Corporate Trainer and New Store Opener for restaurants, to a Client Experience role with a Fleet Company. Most notably, I worked for an Independent Multi-Lines Insurance Agency for eight years, and even still hold an active Health and Life Insurance Producers License to this day. I then worked for a Wine and Spirits Broker for ten and a half years, where when I left – I alone was doing the Accounts Payable for three of their Divisions spanning throughout eight states, while also being the Office Supervisor and Executive Assistant; as well as the Ambassador for their Philanthropic program.

While being the Ambassador for the Wine and Spirits Broker’s Philanthropic program, it further confirmed my passion for helping people – and I have led countless Charitable Initiatives ranging from Collection Drives to In-person Volunteer Events. In addition to helping people, I also enjoy music and attending concerts, poker tournaments, reading, movies, painting, and I love cooking. As such, I have even competed in Culinary and Baking competitions where I won a gold medal at the state level, sending me to nationals where I won a bronze medal.

I have been a lifelong resident of New Hampshire. I value spending time with my Husband, along with two crazy and larger than life Bengal cats, our family, and friends. I am grateful to have been welcomed into the Cummings Team, and I know you too will enjoy becoming part of the Cummings Printing Family! We look forward to working with you on your next print job!

Thanks again for visiting our website! ~Briana