7 Reasons to Choose Professional Magazine Printing Services

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“The end of print magazines is nigh!” the doomsayers claimed when the digital revolution burst onto the market, and yet, magazine printing remains a major presence. Have you ever been to a bookstore and seen dozens of magazine publications hanging out on the racks? It’s apparent to anyone paying attention that the print industry is alive and well. In fact, according to Statista, by 2029, print newspaper and magazine readers are slated to hit 35.3 million. Joining in on the physical market is a great option for your company if you’re a) interested in publishing magazines or b) simply looking to expand your earnings. Before jumping head-first into it, read through this list to learn the benefits of getting professional support from Cummings Printing.

1. Amazing Prepress Support

When uploading pages into InSite, the trickiest part can be thinking about pages or pictures you might have missed or accidentally added. Thankfully, our amazing prepress support team can help! They will go through your magazine to verify page counts are correct and in the right numerical order, flag pictures with low resolution, and make sure each page has the correct bleeds. Once a problem or error is found, we flag it and notify you about it. These steps ensure that you get a quality magazine you can be proud of.

2. Printer Quality

Any magazine printer can put ink on paper. The key differences are the quality standards used for the proof-to-press match and consistency from one print run to the next. We go to great lengths to ensure the print reproduction on our presses matches current SWOP and GRACOL calibrations through the M1 workflow. Dialed-in pre-press-to-press settings, monitor-based proofing, and experienced press operators help maintain quality on each job. This winning combination allows clients peace of mind when they entrust us with being their magazine printer.

3. Environmentally Friendly Printer

As environmental sustainability becomes increasingly important, consumers seek vendors committed to eco-friendly practices, and you should do the same.. Pick vendors who are committed to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), promoting forest preservation and sustainable practices. For every tree harvested, three are replanted. Choosing the right vendor doesn’t just mean quality prints; it means actively contributing to a greener planet. At Cummings Printing, all our paper suppliers utilize renewable energy, with up to 67% originating from renewable sources.

4. Lower Expenses

Experience is vital to keeping expenses low in the magazine printing market. With over 110 years of publication printing experience, we’ve streamlined our processes to take advantage of efficiencies in all production areas. In addition, we can offer all the services necessary to produce a superior product. Our equipment, facility, and even our mindset are built around producing a quality magazine at a cost-effective price. When you succeed, we succeed!

6. Delivery Help

Distributing your magazines can be the most expensive portion of the whole magazine process, but there are many different ways to cut down these costs. Everyone’s situation is different. It all depends on how much time you have to get the magazines to your readers and what you are willing to spend. It may be better to drop ship all of or a portion of the copies into the mail stream. If you have a bit more time to distribute, comailing may be the answer to reduce that postal bill. Time may not be on your side, and with the rush of getting your magazine out, going directly into the mail stream may be your best option.  The trick is to find a printer who can find the correct solutions to fit your needs.

On the topic of finding the right printer, avoid those who use a third party to handle the mailing. This adds to the turnaround time, which is probably tight as it is, and reduces the amount of control you have over your magazine. Make sure your printer can handle all the mailing services in-house, whether that be boxing the magazines, ink-jetting mail labels, shrink wrapping, or poly bagging. Whatever your publication needs, make sure your printer can handle it themselves.

7. Multiple Magazine Assistance

At Cummings Printing, we know that many publishers have multiple magazine titles which can be challenging to manage. Thankfully, we have a team of dedicated printing experts who will help you through the printing process. Consistency, quality, and attentive customer service representatives are all essential to the success of your publication production.

If you are considering printing multiple magazines, don’t try to take on all these burdens alone, let the trusted professionals at Cummings Printing help!

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