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Hooksett printing company won't fade away

With the state of the printing industry seemingly in decline - having been attacked by the Internet and its endless array of access to resources - Jack Cummings decided his company wouldn't go silently into the New Hampshire night.          

by Ryan O'Connor

Tech Note 103: APA PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 07 March 2011 14:35


APA - Auto Page Assignment

What is it?

Auto Page Assignment will upload, process and place pages immediately into the correct position for proofing. Clients can then approve, reject or change pages within their timeframe. One step closer to press!


Full Automation - You drive the process. APA works on your schedule and allows 24/7 access to upload, proof and correct pages.

Preflight Manager - See instant preflight results as you view your page.

Preview - Users can zoom in and out on an image, preview thumbnails of all pages in a single row.

Trim Size Detection - Insite will reject any pages that are not the correct trim size.

Corrections - Clients utilizing APA can avoid costly AA charges altogether. Many changes can be made prior to approving.

Compare Feature - Once a page has been changed clients can use the compare tool to toggle between versions.

What do I need?

Modern Desktop Publishing Application
CS5, CS4, CS3, QXD8, QXD7
Latest Export Settings
Single page PDF

Optimized PDF page creation guidelines available...

Guidelines for creating an optimized PDF page that take full advantage of the enhancements and automation of our InSite/Prinergy prepress system are now available. The new PDF eliminates crop marks and slug area, while maintaining trim box and bleed box definitions on the page. This new PDF page structure will greatly enhance the ability to detect bleed problems during the page review process. Additionally, perfect bound publications can now create single pages for the covers, which, will allow the reviewer the ability to approve the perfect bound cover during the initial PDF upload. Contact techsupport for more information regarding these new guidelines.

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