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Hooksett printing company won't fade away

With the state of the printing industry seemingly in decline - having been attacked by the Internet and its endless array of access to resources - Jack Cummings decided his company wouldn't go silently into the New Hampshire night.          

by Ryan O'Connor

Tech Note 051: Renaming PDF files PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 27 January 2011 12:22

Rename 2 digits for less than 100 pages or 3 digits for more than a 100 pages.

A renaming utility such as Better Finder Rename, can streamline the process. Examples below. Other renaming utilities are also available. Please contact technical support for help with any file naming you may have.

1. Open a Better Finder Rename and open the folder where your PDF pages are contained.


2. Select all the PDF files, drag them into the BFR's Drag & Drop box.


3. Pick a prefix for your publication and match the settings as seen below.


4. Select "Perform Renames" and your files will be renamed.

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