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Cummings Celebrates 100th Year!


In 1914 Lew A. Cummings and two employees opened a small commercial printing company and began operation. Over the next 100 years Cummings Printing has evolved into a magazine and catalog printer competing on a national scale. 

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Written by Mark Ingoldsby   
Thursday, 06 January 2011 13:20

Digital Editions

Cummings can create a digital version of your publication which can both complement your printed piece and open up additional advertising revenue streams. Please contact us for a list of available options.

Gatefold Covers

Add a gatefold to your front or back cover to accommodate a double-page ad or just to give yourself some much needed space. Please refer to our Tech Notes or contact us for the proper dimensions for your publication.

Barn Door Covers

A barn door cover gives you a very unique ad position on your front cover which will attract a reader’s attention. Please refer to our Tech Notes or contact us for the proper dimensions for your publication.


We can print a variety of inserts of varying sizes and shapes including gatefolds, double gatefolds, BRC’s, postcards and brochures. Please contact us for more information.

Gloss and Matte UV Coating

We can accentuate your covers with either a gloss or matte UV coating (full coverage only). Please contact us for samples.

Gloss, Matte, Satin Aqueous Coating

We can also offer the less expensive option of aqueous coating in a variety of textures. Please contact us for samples.

Soft Touch Aqueous Coating

This special type of aqueous coating will give your covers a velvet or suede-type feel that is unlike other types of coatings. Please contact us for samples.


Bellybands are a great way to offer premier ad space to your advertising customers. Add a quality wrap to your publication that will immediately catch your reader’s attention. Please contact us for bellybanding specifications or for samples.


We can tip-on a variety of printed material including sales sheets, booklets and brochures. The tip-ons attach to the front or back of a printed form. The removable glue used allows your clients to easily remove the insert without damaging the publication. Please contact us for tip-on guidelines or samples.

Cover Tip-ons

We can add a single sheet tip-on to your front cover with removable glue. Please contact us for size specifications or for samples.

Cover Wraps

We can create a “fake cover” which binds around your actual cover. Please contact us for samples.


Cards or inserts can be blown loose into your publication. Please contact us regarding size restrictions.

One and Three Hole Drilling

We can offer one and three hole drilling for publications such as calendars and catalogs that are inserted into binders. Please contact us for samples.


We can polybag and mail your publication in one production line. We can also insert a variety of collateral pieces into the polybag including sales sheets, brochures, catalogs and CD’s. In addition, inkjetting can be done directly on the polybag. Please contact us for any restrictions.


We can inkjet mail directly on your publication including those with covers that are UV or aqueous coated. Please contact us for any restrictions.

In-line Arpac or Strapped Bundles

We can provide a low cost alternative to carton packing especially with copies going to distributors. Please contact us for more information.

Co-Mail/Co-Palletization/Destination Drop-Shipping

We can offer our clients of variety of strategic mailing options, all designed to lower postage costs and speed up delivery times. Please contact us to find out if your publication is a good candidate for any of these options.


Cummings Printing is proud to offer the benefits of the following accreditations: 

                              *FSC® Certified

                              *SoySeal based on our use of soy inks

                              *G7 Master Printer

                              *Full Service Mailer offering the intelligent mail barcode and all associated benefits

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