Cummings Printing was the proud recipient of the 2009 Corporate Business Achievement Award from the United States Postal Service. This award was presented to Cummings at the National Postal Forum in Washington DC and is in recognition of our “innovation, teamwork, communication and customer satisfaction in partnership with the US Postal Service.”

Cummings has been proactive in its ability to offer a variety of strategic mailing options to our clients including co-mailing, co-palletization and destination drop shipping. Below is a brief description of each of the options.

For clients mailing across the country this may offer both postage savings and shorter delivery times.

Destination Drop Shipping
For clients that are mailing into a specific area or areas, this may be the best option. By entering the mailing into the area Post Office the client is getting the best postal rate possible and improving the delivery time. The shipping cost associated with transporting the mail to the area Post Office will be offset by the postal savings.

Cummings is also an Intelligent Mail Full Service provider. This allows us to participate in the following postal benefits:

Access to your 3541 forms electronically
Free electronic reporting of ACS return information
Discounts for automated mailings
“Start the Clock” information which gives you the ability to track when your mailing was cleared and entered the postal system
Allows Cummings to submit all postal paperwork electronically

Please contact your CSR or sales representative with any questions.

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