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Hooksett printing company won't fade away

With the state of the printing industry seemingly in decline - having been attacked by the Internet and its endless array of access to resources - Jack Cummings decided his company wouldn't go silently into the New Hampshire night.          

by Ryan O'Connor

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Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 04 July 2010 16:13

Requested specs for list generation at Cummings Printing

There are seven formats that we recognize and they are as follows:

1. Delimited (e.g. comma). This is our first choice.

2. Standard ASCII fixed length file.

3. MS Excel

4. MS Access

5. Fixed length fields CR/LF

6. Existing Mail Manager List

7. D Base/Fox Pro

All fields must have a header at the top of each column to describe what the field is.

When creating your mail list file, please be sure to maintain the naming structure throughout the entire list.

Basic label structure is 5 lines of information:

1. Name

2. Company

3. Street 1

4. Street 2

5. City / State / Zip

If your mailing file contains more that 5 lines of information (i.e. customer codes, dates, titles, departments), please notify your CSR.

When submitting your mailing list, please notify your CSR as soon as possible with any special requests for additional information on the mailing labels (i.e. title, dept, customer #'s, exp date, book codes, etc). This will ensure that the mailing is done correctly and in a timely manner.

A header record naming the preceding information is helpful in identifying the fields that are needed to make the mailing list. It is helpful when specific fields are request3ed by the customer (i.e. customer #s, exp date, books codes, etc).

When working with Co-Mail publications, all mailings lists MUST be submitted in advance of printing the publication.

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